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About: Ines. 23. Bored and self-absorbed. This blog is just a collection of shit I like.

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I have a early exam tomorrow and my neighbour decides to play polka at 11:30 pm???

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he’s my favourite.

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….. (by AlexEdg)

….. (by AlexEdg)

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by にほへ


by にほへ

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Two more long ass poems to read before I can finally fucking shower.

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Anonymous asked: I am very glad I am the same

Come off anon one day when I’m not studying for an exam and we can gush about how awesome it is.

Anonymous asked: I didn't know that you liked Hunter x Hunter

I live and breathe for hxh.


Wow I can’t believe I just hit 4000 followers! Hundreds are injured. My fists are sore and the police are coming.

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